Yellow & Grey


Not a particularly inspiring morning this morning.  Rain, a stiff southerly and pretty lack-luster swell, three strikes and you're out.  You wouldn't be in a rush to go surfing today.  There's a couple out down in the Southern Corner where it's protected from wind but there's not much happening there either.  Good day to get into work and kick your week off.  If you want to get your fill of surf, log into the Rip Curl Pro Live site and check out the action from Supertubes Portugal. Yellow was everywhere I looked today in the car park, on the storm water pipe and on bright t-shirts.  You've got to dig the colour Yellow, it warns you of danger and cheers you up all at the same time.  And yellow and against a backdrop of Grey, what a combo!   Glance down at your little Post-It notes on your desk and say a little cheers to Yellow.

DAILYMurray Fraser