A Brief History of October


This morning is pretty uninspiring down on the beach front.  Small powerless wind-swell and onshore winds were on offer and there weren't many takers willing to give it a go. Don't blame them.   A good day for an early coffee and a chin wag on the bench. I took a look through the archives to see whether October had brought us much joy in the years that we've been doing Sprout Daily.  There was one day, actually this day two years ago that was sunny and offshore with a 3-4 foot SE swell.   Steve Jones was picking off the sets on a 9'6" rhino-chaser just for fun.  In general, good waves seem to have been an exception and October has been defined as a month of indecisive weather punctuated with the odd prefect warm Spring day.  So this year is pretty typical I'm guessing.  Here's a couple of photographic highlights from the October Archives 2010-2008.

The weekend is looking a touch better.  The Bureau is saying that tomorrow will start out wet and clear into a warm day with a top of 25 degrees with light offshore winds in the afternoon.  Maybe we'll even score a little leftover NE wind swell for some Saturday afternoon log joy.

Surf City Exhibition opening at The National Grid Gallery tonight.  See you there.

DAILYMurray Fraser