Not a bad start to the day this morning and it's an improvement on yesterday by a long shot.  Some clouds blocked the sun early but it's warm and sunny out now and there's just a hint of wind from the South West.  A couple of tiny waves pushing through from South Steyne to Queenscliff.  Pick a bank, it doesn't matter which one.  It's small and inconsistent but hey, at least it's clean and tidy.  Some warm Spring weather ahead for the rest of the week but not much relief if you're looking for a little more punch in your morning waves. Waves were pumping again in Portugal overnight for the Rip Curl Pro.   Hopefully Rip Curl can get they're act together and post the Round Three Heats on Demand so we can have a little light relief between coffee's.   There were plenty of close heats in Round Three worth checking out.  North Steyne's Kai Otton went down in a tight one with Julian Wilson while Slater held off a late charge by Dan Ross to sneak into Round Four.

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