:: Wind or Waves?

Another morning dominated by a strong Southerly wind, the odd shower and smallish waves; the only place to escape from the persistent Southerly was tucked way down in the Southern corner. It was pretty much flat in the protected calm of the South Steyne and 2ft+ and windy up the other end at Queenscliff.  The question really was how much wind would you put up with for a bit more swell?    There were a few out at Queenscliff coping the full brunt of wind and a few more surfing the small waves at South Steyne but it seems like most people would put up with a little wind for a touch more swell as the most populated bank was about half way between.   I opted to stay dry altogether.

Tomorrow we're looking at Easterly winds so get up early beforehand as there's nowhere to hind once the East wind blows up.  Might angle a little more swell in for us though. Catch you bright and early. ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser