:: #121212


It's 12 12 12 today and all the elements of Summer were back to celebrate the occasion.  Sensational 2-stage sunrise, light offshore wind and a little more east in the swell direction this morning; it was like a little early morning party.  If you missed the dawn session then you might have missed the party.  The wind's gone South now and it'll swing around more to the East later in the morning. Local purveyors of the finest surf craft on the planet The Shop Next Door have launched an online store.  Now you can browse and buy the best boards online or use it to get your eye in before you step inside the store at 48-50 Pittwater Rd, Manly.  Schweeet!

I know the Mayan Calendar might be ending in a few days but don't stress, the Sprout Daily Calendar will continue.  You can order yours online, pick it up locally or have it mailed out this afternoon.  Grab one so the world won't end!

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