:: Good Day for a Recap

The Southerly change that came through mid morning yesterday is still with us causing a big drop in temperature and making a mess of the surf.   It's gusting at 20 knots and has been since midday yesterday.  The NE swell that was with us Saturday afternoon has been blown to smithereens - it's really not a pretty day on the beach at all.   Perfect day for a recap of the years best images and watching the Billabong Pipeline Masters live webcast.  The World Title is on the line in this event with Kelly, Parko and Mick in the running.   Parko's in the water right now with local Pipe specialist Kalani Chapman #GoParko This morning's pictures have been plucked from the archives from 2012 and were all on the shortlist for the 2013 Sprout Daily Calendar.  Only one made the cut though - if you want to find out which one, buy yourself a calendar online and it'll be in the post or ready to collect from The Shop Next Door this afternoon.

DAILYMurray Fraser