:: Wind Affected

There's waves about this morning but the overnight onshores are still having a negative effect on the quality.   There's the odd gem rolling through but they're rare and getting yourself in the right place to find one would take lot of paddling, a measure of patience and a good dose of luck.  Needless to stay there weren't too many having a crack this morning. There's still a persistent 4ft+ swell rolling in from the ESE but the winds going to blow from the South East all day so it'll be wind affected.  Even tight in the southern corner of Manly it's looking a little wonky and blowy.   Tomorrow's looking a whole lot better with offshores on the cards for the morning and light winds all day.

If you missed Friday's Local Focus or you're looking for some tunes to get you through your Monday, make sure you check out the Pine Street Session's for some locally crafted live music recordings.

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