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Today is story day. There once was a little street in Manly called Pine Street. On that street there is a house, and in that house a couple of fellas got together to make some music. They invited some friends to come play also. They bought some rad old equipment to experiment with recording. They invited more friends, this time with cameras. Badda Bing Badda Boom, these guys, these guys are making music in the best kinda way, at home, where it’s comfy and you’ve got mates to hang out with… Pine Street Sessions is an online space where you can check out independent musicians going in for a session into the living room studio. They might play a new song no one’s ever heard before, they might play a badass cover. No matter what its pretty clear, they’ve got a collection of incredible music and it’s only just started. See for yourself, get onto their videos and just leave them playing, such a good little mix.

Catching up with Pine Street Sessions has been on the Local Focus Agenda for almost 6 weeks. Why are we only reading about it now? Cause these cool cats are so chilled out, getting an interview is not a priority, music comes first then everything kinda rolls along in good time. No complaints here, that’s just how we like it!

Tats: Soooo… your ahah moment?

Josh: It was a mix of seeing ‘The Black Cab Sessions’ in London and us rehearsing every week…then we had a by the way conversation. And it turned into a get all your mates along kind a thing. We just had this empty house pretty much right near the beach, such a good place to play music.

Tats: Napster. Music Label Doom. Social Media. New Light. The music industry is morphing…you are a part of that. Where are you going with this as a professional opportunity?

Josh: Oh it’s definitely a part of it. We just have our website up and are starting to approach bigger bands…we never really talk about it too much but…I’d say we both have pretty big aspirations to where it can go….international…ha…to the moon!

Nando: Maybe it could become a TV series…endless possibilities.

Josh: It would be cool to film the entire journey of it. Going to collect the band all that.

Tats: People like the behind the scenes stuff.

Josh: Yeah, we’re just giving them a taste with the video. On Instagram and other places we are sharing what’s going on during the session. All the people hanging out. Having a drink. If you like a band, you go buy their CD, pull out the cover, read about them, get all excited. Well, now a days you go online to find out what that bands about. But hopefully we get to have that kind of effect on a smaller scale.

Tats: So you’re both musicians…and neither of you have your own videos up?

Nando: Ha! No, we were just talking about that.

Tats: So you both know what its like as an independent musician to try and market yourself. Is that the inspiration? Are you trying to help out others that may be great musicians but don’t have the resources?

Josh: We definitely feel like we are helping musicians. Online content is such a massive deal these days. We are able to give these guys a quality video, and Nando’s audio production is amazing as well. It started off with all the local guys, which was good for them cause they could come do a session and get exposed to that network.

Nando: At the end of the day they can use the material to apply for festivals and bookings. They all seem pretty grateful for what we are doing.

Josh: Also, the network of the creative team, we started from day one with this small amount of knowledge on how to do the project...so we’ve had to call in advice from other people like yourself. Really, brining this team of creative people is really connecting everyone. The cameraman that are coming in we’ve been passing on for work. And hopefully we can do the same with the artists. [PSS recently started incorporating different art in every session collaborating with  local outfit - Wall & Pieces]

Tats: So all the elements of the production are working together and benefiting?

Josh: That’s one think I don’t think we would have thought of at the start.

Tats: And your equipment? You got allot of ebay?

Josh: Ha Nando’s Addiction!

Tats: Its pretty cool these days if you know what you’re doing you can build your own studio and it's not shit.

Nando: It all started with going to Brazil and starting to record an album there. I wanted to finish it in Australia. I then figured out I’d rather invest my money into equipment as opposed to spending that money on studio time. Then Josh and I started this whole idea… and as the sessions progressed I got a little more excited and spent all my money on equipment. I then got really into it. The process of recording and producing and getting a good sound, its so great, basically building a career related to the music, it’s a perfect marriage. To create music, to play music, to produce music. Its awesome.

Josh: And peole outside of PSS are coming to record with you also.

Nando: Yeah we get amazing talent in PSS and they don’t have recordings so its cool we get to give them that.

Tats: It seems to be that musicians are moving more away from the traditional studio space and more into a comfort zone kinda atmosphere…Rather have a hangout session and just play some music.

Nando: Now a days there is a lot of that vibe of the outside studio. Less pressure...

Josh: We try to have as little pressure in the room as possible. Have a laugh in between takes. We want to be friends with all these musicians as well. We are all like minded.

Tats: Yeah you guys are super cruisy…

Josh: Yeah we’re both right into it and that’s how we are, we like to keep it relaxed. It just puts everyone at ease.

Tats: Recently you had one of the more well know names come in to do a session…

Josh: Yeah Mat McHugh. It’s a huge compliment for someone Mat’s stature that he sees what we’re dong and he wants to be involved. He mentioned he’s going to use our film clip for some of his songs from his latest album.

Tats: So it’s not just for musicians that don’t have resources. It’s for musicians that love what you’re doing.

Josh & Nando: Yeah!

A little later in the day I had a quick chat with Mat. He couldn't say enough about how much he dug PSS..."I wish that I had something like Pine Street Sessions when I was growing up n the beaches.  The way the arts community is supporting up and coming musicians is incredible.  Especially in an area like the Northern Beaches where there is so much musical talent. I'd fly from the other side of the world to do it.  It can't be applauded enough. Congratulations Guys. It's awesome." Mat McHugh.

Check out Mat's video witth PSS.


Check out Pine Street Session's new website and see for yourself.  Good Stuff!

Interview by Tatianna K Alpert

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