:: Yesterday

I missed out on getting the daily email out yesterday in the rush of wet-weather Sydney traffic, checking in at the airport, clearing customs and getting to the furthest gate in Sydney Airport. However, I did manage to pop my head over the wall at Manly briefly on the way to the airport and shoot off a couple of frames.  Please excuse the quality of shots today; I only had 15 mins to shoot and most images came from the drivers seat in the car through a rain soaked windscreen - it was blurry perfection!.  But since the waves were really good and there was a whole heap of whale action in Cabbage Tree Bay I just had to get something out. The Bold & Beautiful swimmers had a very close encounter with a whale on their daily swim to Shelly Beach and back yesterday.  Click through to Jule's blog post from yesterday to get the full story and see some pics.  Makes me a little nervous seeing people surrounding a whale in such close proximity but if you read Jules' account of the event it seemed like the humpback was in control.  Either way, it must have been an amazing swim!

I'm in the departure lounge in Fiji for an onward flight North.  I don't know much about where I'm heading but I'm hoping there'll be some internet so I can shoot back a post of two. Catch you as soon as I can ∆ Murray

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