:: Transition

Funny morning this morning.  The light transitioned from purple through to bright orange and then on to steely grey all within the first 45 minutes of daylight.  Taking a look outside now though and it looks like we've settled into bright sunshine and blues.   It's a cracker of a day out there with a top temp of 21, almost Spring like. The very last of the South Swell is limping in and although there were a few banks working early it's all but being swallowed by the 10:39am high tide.  The wind's forecast to come up from the North this afternoon which might blow up a tiny wind swell for tomorrow morning but that's about all we can hope for.

Enjoy your day.

SIDEWAYZ ART EXHIBITION The Sidewayz Art Exhibtion is kicking off again this week at Global Gallery in Paddington.  Opening Night this Thursday.  Details online. Funds Raised go to Voice

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