:: Offshore Elements

The offshore wind is back and the south swell is angling in a little more with Queensie seeing more energy than the weekend.  It's still flat down at the southern end but there's the odd head-high peak drifting through up at Queenscliff; probably bigger again further up the beaches.  It looks like a carbon copy of last week and well worth a paddle if you've got the time before the Nor-Easter comes up. Cheers to everybody that's onboard with the Pozible Project, we're well on the way to reaching the goal but there's still plenty of rewards up for grabs.  The Letterpress postcards from The National Grid & D&d Letterpress are going to be handcrafted shortly and you'll receive yours via US Post from the workshop in New York, if we can reach the goal that is.

Enjoy your Monday!

DAILYMurray Fraser