:: South End Swim

Warm start to the day this morning.  You'd be way over-dressed if you rocked up to the beach this morning in the usual winter jumper and jacket combo like I did.  I was overheating by 7am!   It's going to be a warm Spring kind of day in Sydney today.  Good news for the 'bakers but not so good for the surfers as we'll have a light onshore affecting the wave quality.  Not that there's much energy out there for surfers today anyway, a swim could be your best option. If you got in the soup this morning you might have noticed that the water temp's dropped a bit.  Ah, the irony's of an Northerly air-flow!

Cheers to everyone that's jumped onboard with the Pozible Project!    We're over half way with still plenty of time on the clock.

DAILYMurray Fraser