:: Three Two One

Magic Day on the cards for today.  It's going to be 25 and Sunny - that's just about perfect!  If you can't get outside today don't worry, tomorrow is looking like a carbon copy with a top of 26 degrees.   After that we'll see a drop in temperature down into the low 20's which is going to feel a lot cooler.  Couple of ace days to score some sun on your back before we head into the colder months. Surfing wise, there's still a little bit of East swell around but this morning's high tide wasn't doing it any favours first thing.  It's looking a little more shapely now if you're floating around thinking about a mid-morning paddle.  We're going to have small clean conditions for the next couple of days before a new pulse of South Swell starts filling in on Sunday.

Enjoy the warmth. ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser