:: Hard Yakka


Another magic morning down on the beach today.  The sunrise was sensational and the warm orange and yellow light being cast by the sun as it came up was nothing short of spectacular.  With a little blanket of cloud above us it wasn't even cold at dawn.   Today the mercury is going to tip 28 degree in Sydney.  That's pretty warm for a May day!!  It's worth taking advantage of as tomorrow we'll see a cool South Westerly blow in and she'll be feeling more like Autumn at 21 degrees. I hung out with a group of fitness fanatic's from Vitalfit this morning putting in the hard yakka in a session before work.  Nothing like getting the sweat flowing at dawn ay!  The crew got more than their money's worth with a good session and the best seats in the house to one of the most beautiful sunrises this year.  It's definitely worth getting out of bed on days like this!

There's some fun little waves about this morning and it should improve as the tide comes in.  You'll need a little extra foam under your feet and plenty of patience as it's a long wait between sets.  Noticed water is still hovering at Summer temperatures? It's so nice; everybody's talking about it.  If you want to know why check out the article on smh.com.au this morning.  Then you can impress your mates with your scientific explanation.

Fresh swell from the South next week.  Yeeeeew! ∆ Murray