:: Fading

You've got to love this warm autumn light.  Beautiful mornings and gorgeous afternoons seem to be a daily occurrence at this time of the year, just take a look outside your window at 4pm this afternoon.  This morning's sunrise was oh so crisp with not a cloud in sight and turned Manly almost fluorescent Orange. In the water the swell of the past couple of days is fading but there's still remnants out there.  The low tide wasn't helping with the shape first thing this morning but expect things to improve as the tide pushing back in.  Truckloads of fun to be had still!  Yesterday morning I took drive up the beaches to see what was on offer further North. With plenty of East swell on offer and straight offshores it's a perfect combination for just about every beach on the East Coast and our neighbours to the North were certainly getting their fair share of gold.  I'm only just going through the files now but expect to see a few more pop up on Facebook and Instagram the next couple of days.

Tomorrow's looking like another prefect day.  See you in the morning! ∆ Murray

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