:: Surf Noir

The Sun's up now but this morning was dark and cloudy on the beach front.  Looked like the scene of a 50's film noir set with silhouettes moving across a dark ocean and moody sky.   Andrew Barrow was playing the good guy Humphrey Bogart-style uncovering cover up's by himself on the shorey while Flemmo and Beaumont lurked out the back with some heavy foam like a couple of baddy's.    The mystery was how to find a wave on a 1 foot day.   Yeah, it's a slow day in the office. The waves are small and there's a couple of different banks that seem to be working ok given the conditions.   You've really got to hit the right bank at the right tide when the waves start dropping down to the 1 to 2 foot mark.

The week ahead is looking much the same with similar size swell and light winds. ∆ Murray

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