:: To The Sea

Magic Manly morning this on the beach today.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky the water is warm and the Tasman is hardly even breathing on this morning's high-tide.  There's a bit of South Swell out on the horizon but it's not having any effect on waves in Manly.   If you're after a paddle you'll need to exercise extreme patience and have a truckload of foam under your feet; even then it might be a struggle.  It's swim or SUP today and that's really about it. If you're a fan of TV Talent Show The Voice I'm sure you're familiar with Darren Percival.  The big guy's got talent and he's a good mate of Barnaby's and on the Sprout Daily list so we'd love to see him stay afloat in the race to the final.  Help him out by voting for Darren - You can vote for free on Facebook

Enjoy the sunshine today, things are going to get a little wet tomorrow by the look of the forecast. ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser