:: Pre-Dawn

So much goes on down in the South End before dawn; it's such an active little corner of the beach.  With an early high tide and dropping swell leaving the surfing options marginal, I took an walk in the pre-dawn light down at the South End to see what was going on.  It's seriously a hive down there!  So cool to sit back and watch people getting into their day jogging, swimming, stretching and going about their routine. If you want to surf, it's clean and there's 1-2ft of South Swell around.  It'll be on the improve all morning as the tide drops and the Southern facing beaches will be picking up way more swell than the knee high peelers at the South End.  Forecast is showing another little pulse from the South tomorrow.  It's not ideal but hey, it's swell!

Enjoy Friday; enjoy the weekend! ∆ Murray

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