:: Sunrise Sky Show


It's all about the sunrise this morning!  Man, it was another beauty!  I don't know if it's this time of year or whether it's the impending change in weather but there's been some really amazing sunrises of late.  Last Saturday was one of note:  I slept in (as I sometimes do on a Saturday) and missed it but people were talking about it on the breakfast tables of cafes throughout Manly.  I've seen pictures, it was special.   I get a bit bummed out when I miss a good one, kind of like the feeling of missing a swell at your home break.  This week I'm feeling good though because we've had two of the best sunrises of the year and I've had my fill of fluro sky eye-candy. Lucky we had a cracker sunrise as there's not much else going on.  The waves are onshore and knee high to a grasshopper; you'd almost be better surfing the harbour.  Tomorrow it's looking a touch more promising with a small pulse of South Swell on the chats however we've got some stiff Westerlies forecast which might keep the swell of making an impact.  There's a cold front approaching for tomorrow which means we're going to get our first real taste of Winter proper.  Head for the Snow or you're nearest fireplace!

Enjoy your weekend! ∆ Murray