:: Something Pretty Good


You may have noticed in recent times our Local Focus segment has been delivered with the help of our friends at Little Hobo Project.  So, what's it, this Little Hobo Project anyway? Simply, Little Hobo Project has grown out of a grassroots approach to communication.  Its focus is connecting individuals with individuals, causes with organisations, organisations with businesses and concepts with the people to action them. ‘Wandering Ideas. Made.’

Little Hobo sits comfortably in the space between the bench at street level and the 50th floor corner office.  With a new website built by hand (yes by hand), Little Hobo’s reach is global but carefully crafted.  We decided to let Tatianna give us the full story and caught up with her during the week:

So what's the story behind the Little Hobo Project?

Little Hobo:  We reckon, creative individuals and independent thinkers are more empowered then ever to realise ideas and pursue dreams. So…bring together the right people, those you respect and trust - and anything is possible

Thus we are based on the collective concept.  We highly value the members of our Collective as a creative arsenal. With entwined roots in sports, fashion, travel, music and the arts, we offer diverse opportunities for project management but most importantly we love when ideas are brought to the table and we can bring the right people together to make them happen.

Our underlying requirement is that any client, collective member or brand we work with, must have a genuine interest in supporting the philanthropic community as part of their professional strategy. Philanthropy – from the ancient Greek understanding of - the desire to better man kind, NOT just giving away money.

With that being said, our office is based in the most inspiring creative shared space. In fact, I almost don’t like to reveal the inside scoop, as at present it feels like our little secret weapon. But you’re all Sprout Daily readers so I know I can trust you.

The National Grid is more then just a warehouse with funky exposed orange ventilation systems, more then a pool table doubling as a conference table, more then an open planned creative studio where ideas don’t get put on the shelf they get brought to the table, it’s a place where cool things happen, a place where my desk has a coconut on it that’s growing a palm tree named Mr. Hanks and a place I recently asked the resident creative brains to revamp our website and brand image.

Revamp? Pffft!  They created the heck out of it.  The conversation went a little something like this (over beers in the carpark of course)…

TNG Boss Man: Little Hobo Project is cool. Full stop. You’re not really like anything else out there… so we can’t really make a website like anything else out there…

Little Hobo: Ok…

TNG Boss Man: So what I was thinking was…why don’t we actually build it… out of sticks and rope and…

That conversation went on to plans to take over the world. All in all, that’s how it works, get an idea, talk it over with a mate that’s got a creative brain so big they don’t have space for ego, and really cool things happen.

Then we realized, no one has ever done this before… or not that we could find.  So lets get good ol’ Collective member Muz in from Sprout Daily and document this shiz!

That conversation went a little like this…(over beers at Sprout Daily and Surfing World’s Local Love event in Manly of course)

Little Hobo: Heya Muz, I know tomorrow is gonna be a hot day and you’d rather be at the beach but….I was wondering if I could steal you to come shoot something cool…

Muz: Something cool you say?

Little Hobo:  Well, The National Grid is building our new website, actually building it, and we just must document it, cause this is so frickin cool!

Muz: Well yeah Tats, for Little Hobo Project and The National Grid…I’d leave the beach and come shoot something cool for sure.

That’s kinda how it works, creative people, with big ideas and all the right friends that like to colour way outside the lines.

Sooooo…. From Little Hobo Project with big big love all of our Collective members, but today most proudly to The National Grid  with their creative geniuses and to Muz with his stop-motion madness… we proudly deliver: Something Pretty Good.

Local Focus is lovingly produced in collaboration with Little Hobo Project