:: Farewell


Yesterday was a cold but picture perfect day.  I'm sure Bruce Paterson would have smiled at the irony of having his public farewell in the water on one of the coldest days of the year.  As per Bruce's wishes, The Bold and The Beautiful sang "Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye" as the Sun rose and his daughter scattered Bruce's ashes into the sea surrounded by a ring of Pink Caps and onlookers on Manly Point.  It was a joyful and touching ceremony.  Bruce or Aquaman as we called him before finding out his real name, featured regularly in the images of Sprout Daily dressed head to toe in his distinct wetsuit (Summer or Winter) or snoozing against the sandstone wall after a vigorous run along the beach.   Farewell Bruce, I hope you're enjoying a light kip right now against a warm sandstone wall somewhere out there in the ether. This morning it's flat on our stretch of sand.  There's South Swell out to sea and a solid dose more on the forecast for tomorrow.

DAILYMurray Fraser