Sunrise Road

These's a hint of new South swell coming through at Queensie but it's well hidden under the morning high-tide.  Plenty of time and patience would definately come in handy out in the water this morning as the sets are well spaced out.  It seemed to suit the very small crew that were out for the sunrise session. If you want a little more crunch in your breakfast bowl, try taking a drive up the coast to some of the more Southerly facing beaches today or wait until tomorrow morning.  We should expect to see a neat pulse of South-East swell in the 4-5 foot range by this afternoon and through tomorrow.  See you then.

∆ Murray


If you're in need of a wetsuit to get you through the rest of Winter, the fella's down at Aloha Manly are throwing a huge Wetty Sale this weekend.  They reckon it's going to be the Best Wetsuit Sale Ever! Bull!   That's a big call but you know they'll back it up.  Forget the Internet - get some service with your rubber!

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