South East

Wind's up from the South East this morning making for pretty ordinary conditions for surfing.  It's onshore where there are waves and not enough swell where it's sheltered from the wind so your choices are limited.  You'd probably take the onshore option if you were super keen and go whack a few crumbly lips.   The Bureau is forecasting the wind to stay light and swing between a South-West to South-Easterly direction over most of the weekend; the showers will come and go too.  Pretty average. Tonight there's a few things happening in Manly and over the other side of the bridge.  It you're around Manly, get into The Steyne for the Premiere of Rip Curl's latest flick Float; a six month odyssey through Indonesia.  Mick Fanning, Owen Wright and a few other Rip Curl crew will be at the screening talking shop and telling tales of Rip Curl's Search ethos.   Over in the city, World Longboard Champ Beau Young will be supporting Ash Grunwald in his show at The Oxford Arts Factory.  Beau's got a super mellow but polished style to his music, kind of like his surfing.  Go check it.  Decision, decisions?

Enjoy your weekend - Good luck finding waves!

∆ Murray

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