Trim & Glide

Quiet as a mouse out on the beach front this morning.  No to many around!  If the census had asked how many surfboard riders were in the water between 7 and 8am this morning, I would have put the answer down as 10.  That's 10 in total between South Steyne and Manly!!  Not many for arguably the most crowded surfing beach in Australia.   But I guess there wasn't too much on offer this morning so who could blame a little post-census sleep-in. The swell is from the SSE but it's very slow and lack luster, exacerbated by the morning high-tide.  There's the odd one but you'll need as much foam as you can find to contemplate even a sneaky little turn.  Trim and glide will be your best chance of scoring points with the judges this morning.  Perhaps head to a more exposed South facing beach or wait for the tide to drop a touch.  Increase of swell on the radar for tomorrow.

Enjoy the peace. Enjoy the quiet.

∆ Murray

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