Sunny Days

Too wet this morning to shoot; it's been rainning pretty hard in Manly and the streets are full of stormwater trying to get out to the lagoon and ocean.   Sure, I could duck into one of the beach shelters and get the obligatory shots of umbrellasand stormy waves, but there was plenty of that yesterday.  Truth is that the swell hasn't really kicked like it was forecast to do so there's not much action to shoot.  There's a few waves at North Steyne, a couple at Bower and some peelers at South Steyne.  Big waves are coming; but they're not here yet.  I'll keep a steady eye out the window today and if we get a significant jump in swell I might go get some shots to post to Facebook later in the afternoon. Running through the wet, jumping puddles and constantly being damp is fun; but only for a while.  This morning got me wishing for sunny days and warmth and that was the theme of this mornings selection of images.  Can't wait for Spring; can you?  All images are available for purchase via the online Print Shop;  framed or unframed.   Just click the Order Print button

∆ Murray

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