Incoming Wild

It's kind of wild out there now; windy, rainy, stormy, umbrellas turning inside out and useless.  You know the story. We've got another huge swell building out in the Tasman Sea as a large East Coast low get squeezed by a rather big high pressure system deep in the Southern Ocean.  We're going to get waves but there'll be plenty of wind with it making it challenging to find anything ridable.   The swell is due to peak here on Friday morning with the virtual buoys calling 20ft open ocean swells. Yeah that's open ocean but no matter which way you look at it it's going to get massive!   Get set for some wilderness weather and surf conditions in the coming days. This morning we've got the leading edge of the SE swell and there's some pulses of clean swell lines sneaking in to the southern corner of Manly.  Despite the winds blowing at 40km/h from the South up at North Head, there is a couple of waves down at South Steyne; it might even be worth a paddle.  Enjoy the wildness!

DAILYMurray Fraser