D Day

t's D day for this huge swell to peak and although it is pretty sizey out there it's probably not packing as much punch as first anticipated.  Its wild and out of control from North Steyne northwards so the only real option if you wanted a paddle this morning was way down south in the corner.  It was 4ft+ and semi-clean but fairly tricky picking the right ones; not idea for a staff demo day. The fellas from Quiksilver teamed up with Channel Island Surfboards this morning to demo their new range of boards.  Zoc and Ben had the van stocked full of brand new boards for the boys to wax up and run through their paces.  Ah the perks of working in the surf industry ay!!  CI has a truck load of new models in their 2011/12 range and they've gone pretty whacky with the model names.  Get onboard your new Neck Beard, Fred Rubble or Cheese Stick and surf into summer!  Say what??

The swell is coming to be dropping from today but it'll take a few days to settle down and clean up.  The wet weather is hanging around for a few more days as are the stiff Southern winds.  Enjoy your weekend - best of luck finding a wave!

∆ Murray

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