Summer Time


Yesterday afternoon was magic wasn't it?  There was a neat little wave down in the corner at Queensie, the light was amazing and with the Westerly winds fanning 35 degree air into my face while I rode home there was little choice but to go for a paddle.  Mind you, I wasn't the only one with the beach on my mind.  Between 7 and 8pm yesterday the beach was packed light a late December afternoon!   People were still swimming and hanging about well after sunset - serious summer time in Manly! I surfed for a bit but as the sun went down and the clouds started to light up in fluorescent pinks and oranges I couldn't resist the urge to grab my camera.  I probably missed the best of it but it really was quite the light show!  I'm sure the cast and crew up at St Patrick's for the filming of The Great Gatsby would have had been freaking out about how beautiful this place is!

Not much to report on surfing wise this morning - it's still really small but the call of the cool ocean is hard to resist on days like this.  The crowds were back on the beach early this morning swimming, paddling, running and training across the panorama that is Manly Beach.   You've got to love this time of year!!

∆ Murray

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