…Flat Lining…


It's pretty quiet at Manly today and the surf is flat lining.  Somebody check it's pulse... nah, it's gone.   Even with a sizable log you'd be struggling to get on something ridable so you're better off at the workbench.    The post-HSC teenage brigade have put off their beach activities with grey skies and rain looming so there's just the odd tourist, a handful of locals and a bunch of school kids on the beach today.   It's been a fair run of small waves and there's nothing to get too excited about on the near horizon either.    Maybe a chance of a little rise in swell from the SSE tomorrow but the wind is looking a little funky. I spent the morning with a bunch of Yogi's that have taken to the water and are now busting yoga poses whilst floating around on a paddleboard!  Yeah, downward dog, salute to the sun and all that jazz whilst adrift in Narrabeen Lake!   It was pretty incredible to watch these guys on SUP's go through a routine of yoga that I'd struggle to perform on a mat on dry land.  If you're interested in SUP Yoga, shoot Di an email at supyogasydney@gmail.com

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