Summer’s Last Day

Today is the last calendar day of the season Summer.  We'll be into autumn tomorrow and you know what comes after that.  Time's really moving in 2011 huh! Hope you're ready for a change of seasons. The first event of the ASP World Tour kicked off on the Gold Coast on the weekend with Round 1 run in pretty average Snapper.  The usual guns were blazing; Mick, Joel, Taj, Jordy and Slater.  A typical Snapper roll call.  No Pro today - Waves are too small.  Maybe check out the highlights and waffle from Pottz and crew if you're looking for some time fillers.

Back on our shores there's no a whole lot on offer.  A gentle pink sunrise quickly turned into grey and it looks like it's going to stay that way for the day.  1 to maybe 1 and a half feet of SE swell dribbling in with a little onshore crumble to top if off.  I'm not that excited.  But I'm excited about Autumn.  It's cool.  Enjoy Summer (am I allowed to say that or does Coke own the rights?)

Quiksilver Surfboard Sale - STILL ON.