Up Early

Were you up early this morning?  After yesterday's lazy noon day start I felt like I'd better get up for a little pre-sunrise air this morning; and what a morning it was to be up early!  Classic swirly cloud formation and just enough of the fluffy stuff to bring out the fluro pinks and oranges that result in a breathtaking sunrise.  Hope you got up pre-sunrise for the show. There's still 2ft of South swell but it's pretty straight on the Manly-Queensie stretch.  The odd one was holding up but it was mostly closeout city.   Pity, 'cause the conditions are perfectly clean and offshore.  Suggest perhaps another flooding-tide shorey session could be the go for those that have the luxury of hanging out at the beach all day.   Or, head to a beach getting a little more swell. Or, sit on the bench and drink caffeine.

Weekend is looking like a pretty typical summer weekend.  Light and variable winds in the mornings then NE winds kicking in for the day.  While you're on the beach at Manly swing by The Rope & Anchor Cafe for a coffee and banana bread while you take a look at some of the finer work from Sprout Daily.  Prints, framed and unframed, are for sale. Dig Vintage? Deus Surfboard Swap #4 is on in Camperdown tomorrow.

Banks at Snapper and surrounds are shaping up for the kick off of the Quiky Pro tomorrow.  Check the update at Coastalwatch.

Quiksilver Surfboard Sale - ON NOW