Autumn Marble

It's the first day of Autumn and it's going to be a stinker.  Thirty-Six is what the Bureau is calling so stay cool and shaded and kids don't play with matches!  The day was warm from the get-go and well worth getting up early and into the water.  Apart from a beautiful marbled sky the air was 25 degrees at 6:30 and the water was about the same, perfect for a dip. There's a tiny bit of ENE wind swell hitting the banks this morning, most likely left over from yesterday's Nor-Easterlies.  It you wanted any part of it you needed some serious length under your feet; like 10 foot plus!  Today it's going to blow up to 20 knots from the West before a cool Southerly blows through this evening.  Going to be tough to find a surfable wave today once the tide hits high but keep you're eye on what's happening later in the week.