Steamy start to the day this morning; it was warm at dawn and it's even warmer now.  We're going to climb to 29 today and there's so much moisture in the air it's no surprise there's a late afternoon thunderstorm on the cards. There was a thick haze of humidity hanging over the morning down the beach front making for a glowing pink sunrise and flat glarey light once the sun was up.  There is tiny bit of residual SSE swell mixed in with some NE wind swell making for some loggable waves on the high tide.  There were plenty of longboards playing on the peaks at Manly making for some light-hearted summer loggin' fun.

17 year-old Brazilian whizkid Gabriel Medina just took home The Search trophy in San Francisco.  That's his second 'CT event of the year!  One to watch in 2012!


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