Pattern Continues


The pattern of warm mornings followed by humid days and an afternoon storm continues todays.  How was that little cracker of a storm yesterday afternoon huh?  It didn't last long but I bet it caught a few people by surprise when the heavens opened up.  At 5am this morning the weather station at Sydney's Observatory Hill was already reading a temperature of 20.2 degrees.  That's warmer than some of the daily highs just a week ago! Surfing wise there's not a great deal on offer except for a one to maybe one and a half foot Nor-East wind swell but it's lacking the definition of yesterdays fun log session .  But the water is warming up quickly and it's without a doubt the place to be if you can spare the time for a dip before the daily grind.  Take it easy today and watch out for another pre-summer downpour this afternoon.

∆ Murray

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