Sunrise Swim


How pleasant it is to wake and swim; especially at this time for the year.   After a hot weekend and warm night I can't think of a better tonic to lift the spirits for a Monday than to take a dip at sunrise.  The water's still a little cool but it's getting warmer for sure! I went in search of surfing this morning but on dawn there really wasn't much motion.  The most action along the beach was without a doubt the Old and The Bold training squad who seemed to be undertaking a particularly vigorous time-trial of some sort.   Man those guys are fit and uber committed - make's my flapping about in a wetsuit and flippers a little lazy.   I hung out with the body surfers at South Steyne for a while before heading out and scaring a few of the Old and the Bold with some underwater seal impersonations.  Nothing scares the togs off you like a dark shadow swimming by you at dawn!

There's a couple of waves out there now for the loggers - it's better than dawn and probably worth a paddle if you've got the day off.  Have a good one!

∆ Murray

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