Sprout Daily + Aloha Manly Style + HT's Resort

We're going to surf and photograph the best waves in the world and we'd love you to join us!

HT's, Hollow Trees, Lance's Right - call it what you like, but there's no disputing that it's one of the world's premier waves.  Sprout Daily has teamed up with Aloha Surf Manly to offer you a surf trip to HT's Resort in the Mentawai Island, Indonesia.

HT's is the kind of set up you dreamt about in school - white sandy beaches, coconut palms, a blue water bay and a perfect wave reeling off straight out the front!  It's a surfers paradise, and a photographers delight!!

With HT's on your doorstep and several other world-class waves on offer including Lance's Left, you'll get the chance to become familiar with some of the best waves the Mentawai's has to offer over 9 days.  During down time, hang at the resorts pool, go explore Katiet Village or laze under a palm and let time roll by.

WHERE: HT's Resort, Mentawai Islands, Sumatra WHEN: 17-26 May 2013 PRICE: $2535 - includes fastboat transfers from Padang, all meals & accommodation

If you're interesting in joining us on this epic surf travel opportunity, email murray@sproutdaily.com

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