:: Change

Beautiful purple sunrise this morning. The air at dawn had a heavy moisture to it giving the sunrise a tropical, South-East Asian appeal. I didn't see the paddle boarder out at the Bombie until one paddled right through my frame - he must have had the best view in the house as the sun rose! The swell's holding in at 4-6 feet but it's got a new junkiness too it from the overnight onshore. There's still plenty of power and shape to the waves and with a gusty Southerly change due (it's already happening) things may improve in the protected corners. There's still a couple of days left of this East Swell although it will begin to slowly drop off throughout the weekend.

If you're planning on surfing early this weekend don't forget that the SunRun and Cole Classic Swims are on Saturday and Sunday respectively so expect traffic changes and parking issues around The Bower and South Steyne. Have a good weekend! ∆ Murray

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