:: Pintails


The swell is still pushing through at a solid 6 to 8 feet today; in fact, it may have even kicked up a notch or two first thing this morning!  It takes a while to adjust to the old semi-gun so it's great to see the pintails getting a run for multiple days in a row.  We're into our third day of swell and we should have a couple more to go. There's waves from Queensie to The Bower although the degree of surf-ability depends on how much paddling and waiting you're up for and how many duckdives you're prepared to take every time you catch a wave.  There's a ton of water moving around and heaps of seaweed in the mix making the challenge of getting out back even tougher.  I had so much seaweed around my legrope yesterday afternoon it started pulling me under - had to pull the emergency release!

Tomorrow mornings looking the goods at dawn before a strong Southerly change hits early in the morning.

∆ Murray