:: Speedy


It's grey and overcast again this morning but at least there's some fun waves around!!  We've had a good little run of swell so far this summer which might go a little ways to offsetting the average weather.  There's a light Southerly blowing so there's a little bit of chop on the faces but not enough to deter you from surfing. I had a little play with the shutter speed today just for a bit of fun.  It's ironic that by slowing the shutter right down you can really give the impression of speed and this grey overcast light is perfect for motion blur.

Tomorrow will be the last postage day for Calendars before Christmas.  If you want to get your hands on one, order online today and it'll be in the post before Christmas (no guarantee it'll get there before Friday though - Australia Post are under the pump!!).  Alternatively, order online and opt to collection yours from The Shop Next Door who'll be open right up til Christmas Eve.

Check out David Maurice Smith's video "Morning Light" and an interview with Dave and myself on Coastalwatch today.  You'll get a cool insight into some behind what go into the "Adventures of the Early Birds"

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