Purple ‘n’ Orange


If you were up for Sunrise this morning you would have caught some beautiful light as the sun poked its head through heavy clouds out on the horizon.  The clouds glowed purple and transitioned to orange as the sun squeezed through the gaps leaving us to swim in a sea of bright colours.  Really nice to see some colour back in the morning sky! High tide was holding the swell back a touch on dawn but there was certainly the odd wave with plenty of fun and potential for more as the tide drops.  There's 2-3 ft of South Swell and just a light breeze from the South.  Lovely.

Christmas Day is looking like it Santa may deliver some serious swell for the East Coast but forecast is for a bit of wind in the mix as well.  We're still a ways out from Sunday but it might be worth shuffling the family plans and swapping ham roasting duty for a a quick paddle.

DAILYMurray Fraser