:: Springy

Feels like Spring out there today huh.  27 degrees on the cards with a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon.  Very Springy indeed; in fact it's almost Summery.  I'm dangling my bare legs under the desk in shorts for the first time in ages! Feels good! Yesterday's Northerly has pushed up a weak and peaky Nor-East Wind swell but there's not much punch to it.  You'll need excess foam under your feet if you want a paddle today.  There's a Westerly change due this afternoon but with swell barely trickling in I'd doubt there will be much left once the wind swings offshore.  Keep your eyes peeled though.

Tomorrow's looking a little interesting.  Some charts are showing a steep spike in South Swell while others aren't convinced showing a small NE wind swell.  I couldn't work it out so you'll just have to wake up and see what turns up in the early hours.

Catch you then. ∆ Murray

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