Hidden Light

Thick clouds were obscuring the light at dawn this morning.   Somewhere behind those heavy clouds a spectacular sunrise was happening however we only saw glimpses of pink and purple as the lighter clouds glowed with the morning sun.  Beautiful none the less. Surf wise, there's a defined little ESE swell running today.   It's barely in the 1-2 foot range but there's some neat ground swell lines and clean surface conditions.  The banks south of Queenscliff are out of shape and although you could be tempted to paddle out further it's only really the shore break that's got enough push to ride.  Foam up with a longboard of serous fish and you'll be on the money.  High-tide is at 9am so maybe things will liven up a touch on the dropping tide.  Winds going to come up light from the E-SE later in the day so don't delay too long.  I'm going to give it a go.  Enjoy your Monday!

∆ Murray

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