:: Solid

The swell really jacked yesterday afternoon and delivered some solid waves for those that ventured out for the late session last night.  I saw a couple of absolute bombs roll through The Bower on dark that would have been double overhead plus! This morning we've got a solid 6-8ft ENE swell on The Beaches and a light WSW wind doing it's best to clean it up.  The combination of swell direction and wind is a perfect scenario for The Northern Beaches but the swells still a little lumpy and unruly so it's not quite there yet.  Once the swell settles a touch it should be really nice and we're going to see a couple of days of great waves.

If you're keen for some Winter juice there's plenty out there this morning but you'll have to be patient and pick your wave.  See you tomorrow. ∆ Murray

DAILYMurray Fraser