:: Blown Out

Well it wasn't raining this morning which was an improvement on yesterday but the surf was a churned up mess.  There's a deep low-pressure system sitting off Northern New South Wales that's pushing in a new round of ENE Swell.  It's a great swell direction for Manly however the persistent onshore wind overnight has made a real mess of it.  There was really not much on offer this morning unless you like your surfing scrambled.   Keep an eye on the wind because at some stage in the next 48 hours it'll swing and our window of opportunity will open. The 25th Annual Snowy McAlister Surfing Festival was run over the weekend in mixed weather and contestable surf.  With a list of competitors worthy of the prize money on offer the competition was fierce at times and the surfing was next level.  I took a special interest in the Log Division, a new category that's grown out of the movement towards surfing traditional style on traditional, but not necessarily old, surfboards.  Boards are scrutinised to ensure they fit the bill and surfers are judged on a style criteria rather than the usual maneuver based approach to surfing.

Long Reef stylist and era enthusiast Matty Chojnacki was one of the standout competitors in the division over the weekend however in the end he got pipped at the post by Local boy Cam Gray who surfed his is usual solid, no-nonsense style.  Cam took his novelty cheque straight down to The Round Bar at The Steyne and there's a good chance he's still there this morning!

Congratulations to all the winners and a huge pat on the back to the Manly Malibu Club and especially President Rod for putting on a great event.