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The waves are clean and really solid this morning and regardless of where you're surfing you're going to need to extra paddling power and a fair bit of ticker.  There were a bunch of guys out at The Bower at dark, a handful of guys taking on the Queenscliff Bombie and a dozen spread out between Manly Point and North Steyne - all options working but only for the bold few and only very occasionally.  It's big and clean and only just handling the raw power that's coming out of the East. The pink light from the two slow shutter images from The Bower were taken right as the Sun was pushing through some clouds on the horizon.  The slower shutter just loves absorbing all the light off the sea and although I've done a couple of tweeks to enhance the image that's all natural colour.

I'm going to keep it really breif this morning as I'm running late for an appointment in the dentist chair; not my prefered way of spending the morning but it's got to be done.  If you like any of the images this morning and you want to buy a print email me and I'll shoot you all the information on sizes, framing options and prices.

There'll be a few more images up on Facebook post-dentist so stay tuned in. ∆ Murray

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