Bali Life

Bali is such an amazing destination.  Warm, beautiful scenery and with the most friendly people on the planet.  It's not too hard place to find yourself in.  And if you're a surfer; well there's the bonus of a handful a world-class waves and a consistency you'd struggle to find anywhere else.  Although it's been pretty flat since we arrived on Friday the Indian Ocean doesn't stay dormant for long. Peeking over the cliff at Uluwatu this morning there was plenty of signs of life with a crisp 6ft groundswell kicking the reefs into life.  I'd love to stay and type some more but I'm going surfing.  Heard there's been some sweet conditions in Sydney so everybodys a winner.

Big congratulations to Joel Fitzgerald and Crystal Jamison who tied the knot yesterday at a magic sunset ceremony overlooking Padang Padang.  New life together and a new swell to kick it off.  Life's going to be good!

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