Lights & Light

This morning there was a bit of colour in the sky. As the moon set in the west the lingering clouds from last nights showers lit up East.  It was only brief but if you were up with the early birds it was really quite beautiful. The swell is fading but my guess is there's still plenty of power up the Beaches.  Reports filtering in from yesterday talk of some seriously big waves on the outer reefs and classic conditions at other locales.  If you scored goodonya mate!  Again Manly wasn't your pick for quality waves this morning.   But if you've only got an hour before work it was well worth getting in and you might have even scored a peeler between the closeouts.

Off to Bali this afternoon which means I'll miss Narrabeen and Australian surfing legend Simon Anderson signing copies of his new book Thrust at the Quiksilver Store on the Corso on Saturday.  But you can go for me, get a signed copy and sell it to me in 30 years for a healthy profit.

Keep in touch will you.

DAILYMurray Fraser