Bali Revisited

It's something of a shock to return from Bali to a Sydney winter.  The weather's cold and wet, the roads are neat and organised, it sounds almost silent compared to Bali and to top it off there's not much colour; even less colour when the it's grey and overcast like today!!  I just couldn't haul myself down to the beach to shoot this morning.  Don't get me wrong, I love Manly but I just need a little time to readjust. Locally there's 2-3ft of SSE swell but it's rainy and windy and not very appealling at all.  A good day to sleep in or get stuck into some work.  You guys probably thought I slept in right?  Nah.  The truth be told we've been readying ourselves for a little event The Steyne and the Rope & Anchor fella's are hosting with us this Wednesday night.  It's going to be a little Welcome to Winter shindig - you really should come check it out and embrace all that is good about the change of season.  Come sip a warm rum by the fire between 6:30 & 9:30 Wednesday evening at the Seaside bar inside The Steyne.  Ed Worland's going to be treating your ears to some tunes and your other senses will be treated too.   More about it tomorrow.

Here's a little visual stroll back through Bali.