Scrambled Eggs


Winds onshore this morning so the surf is pretty average not to mention tiny.  Probably best to revert back to your non-surfing morning routine.  Jog, workout, yoga, soft-sand walk or like me you might go home and cook up some scramble-eggs before work.  I don't usually get that much time for breakfast so days like these are perfect for taking the time and cooking up something hardy to get me through the day.   There's supposedly 2-3 feet of South Swell out there somewhere. don't know where.  My guess is either the high tide has killed it or the overnight ENE breeze has taken the energy out of what was a pretty lack-luster swell anyway. Quiky Pro France wrapped up last night with young 'Zilla Gabriel Medina dominating.  The kid from Brazil was on a pretty hot run from the quarters was  snuck over the line to beat Julian Wilson in the final.  Lot's of young talent getting through to the later stages of the event this comp, got me thinking a changing of the guard might be coming soon.   You might as well get your surfing fix for the day by watching the finals here

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