Garden Path


Little bit more South Swell this morning but it's still struggling to show, flooded under the 9am high-tide.  I took a walk over the hill to Freshie to see just how much Southern energy was around and there wasn't much action.  Such a beautiful little beach and some of Sydney;s most interesting real estate.  Queensie had a small wave too but it was full and inconsistent.  Might improve mid-morning when the tide drops some.  Beautiful day though, sun is shinning and the Tasman is gleaming. They're up to the Quarters at the Quiksilver Pro France and there's some red-hot surfers left in the draw.  Every heat is going to be killer but I'm champing to see Taj and Julian Wilson go to head to head in heat four.  Owen Wright is out while Slater is still there.  Hmmm,  the King is inching his way to an 11th World Title.  Might be a one horse race to Hawaii from here.

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